Jan. 27th, 2010

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You goddamn sonfoabitch!

Wow. It's really easy to sit there in American opulence and luxury and look down on the poor people of the world, but it demonstrates a severe detachment from any understanding of reality. He seems to be operating on the assumption that everyone in all the poorest countries of the world have exactly the same opportunities and resources that he has. Only a privileged American could be so arrogant and solipsistic.

Let's see, he's white, male, good-looking, reasonably well-to-do, and from what I can see I doubt he has ever gone hungry a day in his life, or had to go without anything he needed. How open-minded he is to consider that there's absolutely no difference between him and a young Haitian mother of three who grew up in abject poverty!

If everyone in the world had been born into the same circumstances he was, if everyone had grown up with all their needs being met, given access to decent education, healthcare and work opportunities, and taught that they all had the power to make a difference in the world, he might have had a point. Well, it turns out that this guy has made a difference in the world - he has made it a crueler and more hateful place. Congratulations.


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