Jul. 15th, 2010

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Which came first: The chicken or the egg?

Okay, I think I can put a final nail in the coffin of this whole question. And, frankly, I'm surprised it's still even under debate! Let me begin by stating that the scientists who came up with the answer in the article above are just plain wrong. Their science is sound, but they need to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Creationists may believe that at some point, God said, "Let there be chickens!" And there were, and they were good, and they laid eggs. That's a fun answer, but that's not good enough for science. What science does know about chickens is that they evolved from other egg-laying birds, which evolved from egg-laying reptiles, which evolved from egg-laying dinosaurs. There were eggs a long time before there were chickens. So there you go. The egg came first.

All you scientists and free-thinkers, please feel free to join the debate!
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Did I mention I'm learning to drive? Today was my second driving lesson - EVER - and I took the freeway into Walnut Creek. Totally fine. Driving is waaaay easier than I thought it was. It's still a lot to concentrate on at once, but I can hold a conversation while driving and not lose track of what I'm doing, and I have total confidence that it will become easier with practice.

There was a traffic jam on the way back. I wonder why people get so stressed out in traffic jams? Maybe when I get in enough of them I'll stress too, but I dunno. I don't see how getting all hypertensive would make you go any faster...

But maybe my attitude is because I'm used to taking public transportation, where so few aspects of the speed of the journey are under my control. I'm used to giving myself a two-hour pubtrans allotment for what would be a 35 minute car trip. Did traffic jams bother you less when you started driving? Had you been relying on public transit, or had you had access to rides when you needed them?


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