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This is a debriefing/warning to current and potential readers of this journal.

Maura, alias dragon_spirit, is a known thespian. She hangs out with rock 'n' roll royalty, pot farmers, famed occultists and gay porn stars. She has occasionally been known to French-kiss the bride at weddings, but only when appropriate.

Maura is unmistakably female, but carries an androgynous personality as shown through her sometimes rough mannerisms, deep-throated speaking/singing voice and propensity to laugh hilariously at fart jokes. But she also cackles, like the Witch she is, so you flick the abacus. She's not afraid or ashamed to be fat and sexy at the same time. She is fluent in English, Music and Bullshit, and may switch between one or more of these languages mid-sentence. She is proof that opera punks exist.

Maura is a largely sanguine creature who would rather ignore idiots or give them the benefit of the doubt than attack. She will, however, bite when provoked, so for pete's sake, don't provoke her! Come to think of it, you probably shouldn't provoke Pete either. Having thus been warned, the author of this journal is not responsible for any loss of livelihood, limb or life that may result from baiting.

Please feel free to look around, comment if you want to be added.


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