Jan. 19th, 2010

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A recent study shows that banning abortions does not actually reduce the rate of abortions. If a woman who lives in a country where abortion is illegal or inaccessible is desperate to terminate her pregnancy, she will find a way - and will often end up terminating her own life in the process. Instead of safe and accessible abortions, she will get a so-called "back-alley" abortion, or will take toxic abortifacient herbs like pennyroyal or cohosh. These are extremely dangerous and women frequently die from them. The ones that survive often have drastically shortened lifespans due to organ failure and many other harmful effects.

So limiting access to safe abortions not only does NOT save the lives of unborn children, it TAKES the lives of grown women. Get it? )

Remember this, and spread the word about this report.
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If you missed my early-morning post about a recent study which shows that abortion rates remain unchanged in countries where abortion is banned, please go read it now. This is important.


Jan. 19th, 2010 03:45 pm
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So I saw that there was supposed to be a light thunderstorm moving through. Next thing I know, an INCH of hail is getting dumped onto my balcony in a matter of two minutes or so, along with a truly magnificent downpour. We must have gone from 85% to 120% of average rainfall for the year in the last several minutes. I've seen some impressive hailstorms before, but never one so prolific and vehement. Fifteen minutes after the hail shower, there's still a lining of ice pellets a quarter-inch thick on the railing.

And the lightning was AWESOME. Sounded like the strikes were coming from about a half a mile away. Man, I love storms like this!

Now a cup of tea is called for.


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